We know that potential clients and accounting services consumers deserve to know a little bit about a firm’s fee structure before considering engagement. The summary chart below lists the usual minimum and estimated median fee.

Estimate of fees:

Small projects including income tax returns: $1000 minimum, $2000 median

Business sales or payroll tax: $1000 per year per state (minimum and median).

Ongoing diverse client services: $400/month minimum, $900/month median

We use three types of fee agreements:

1) single engagement,

2) ongoing defined service,

3) ongoing flexible service.

All of these fee descriptions that follow are meant as guidelines for client expectations and convenience, and not as an actual fee agreement.

No fee initial strategic consultations

There is no fee for the first two initial consultations that focus on clarifying your goals and the strategy to be pursued. We are pleased to make this offer for quick help, a second opinion, brainstorming, coaching, or exploring alternative strategies to business owners and others with complex financial issues. Whatever help is offered in these sessions is yours for free. We are able to solve or assist in many issues under this free consultation offer.

Our larger goal for these calls is to learn more about your goals and situation and gather enough to estimate whether an ongoing service agreement would be valuable. If we agree that ongoing service may be valuable after the initial call, then we may follow up with an offer for future paid service.

To schedule a no-fee initial conversation: send an email message (or text to 856-237-9199) with your name and phone number that you will use and a short message that you agree to work under the terms in the “Best Practices Agreement” and schedule a call. You might want to review the checklists of services to help ensure that we identify all the key issues that are important to you from the start.

Single service engagement

This is for projects that can be defined with start and end date, with specific goals and objectives. We are accepting new clients with a $1,000 initial retainer toward a minimum client fee of $2,000. The retainer is applied against the cost of agreed upon services. Some type of initial review is usually required for new clients as a separate service in addition to the service that we initially discussed.

The fee for tax representation and special projects is typically 10% of the value created.

CPA attestation services (verifications, opinions, audits, reviews) for small businesses are $6,000 to $15,000.

Defined services agreement

The defined services are designed for situations that require a reliable CPA for ongoing occasional work. There is a specific work and timeline expectation. This agreement covers the cost of ongoing access, telephone and text support, one day response, security, professional software, technology assistance, secure document management with emergency and/or power of attorney options, and other specifically agreed services. This is typically used for bookkeeping, financial reporting, banking, bill paying, payroll, employee benefits, and business tax filings (monthly or quarterly). Work is performed on a specified day and communications are limited to specific service days.

Communications are typically allocated to one time slot per week and most work products (bookkeeping reports, for example) are prepared and reviewed once per month.

Task details are customized in the engagement agreement.

The baseline fee is $800 per month.

Flexible CFO services agreement

A higher level of ongoing services is offered through an enhanced CFO level of service. Services typically include defined tasks plus add additional flexibility, based on a “whatever it takes” approach. Active integration with business and personal strategic planning is the norm. Services are designed to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Service may include appointment as officer or titleholder (controller, comptroller or treasurer, for example) if the business organization is properly insured.

Contact is available full time with daily access by phone, email or text, usually with response within a few hours but always within one business day.

Additional in-person functions may be specified.

The baseline fee is $1,600 per month.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive and may not apply in all circumstances. The list above is intended to provide advance guidance on expectations for the pre-agreed fee.