Accounting procedures for New Jersey candidates for public office

This is the general procedure required by the New Jersey Election Enforcement Commission. There are deviations from this procedure; check with your adviser or the NJELEC web site directly.

File a D-1 Form: This
appointment a campaign Treasurer and depository. Do this as soon as any money is received and before any money is spent in relation to the campaign.

Open a Campaign bank account: Once a campaign treasurer and depository are appointed, a separate bank account should be opened in the name of the campaign. All campaign-related transactions should flow through this account.

File Campaign Finance Reports (Form R-1): If required.

Adhere to Contribution Limits: New Jersey has specific limits on campaign contributions.

File a final report: When the campaign is finished and all debts have been paid, the candidate should file a termination report with the NJ ELEC.

Retain Records: Candidates are required to retain copies of all reports and records of receipts and expenditures for at least four years.

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