We are pleased to offer customized value-oriented pricing for a wide range of specific situations. This pricing information is meant to communicate general pricing expectations but is not an offer of service or a guarantee of pricing. Actual pricing of services will be agreed in a written work plan. Pricing of tax problem resolution service and individual tax services is not included on this page. Please ask for the separate published schedule of those fees.

No fee services

There is no fee for a discussion of potential strategies or solutions on an existing issue.
There is no fee for a second separate discussion on goals and possibilities for the future.

Professional accounting services

Individual tax services: See the individual tax services page for details.
Tax problem resolution: See TaxProblems.CPA for details.

Other accounting services
Per agreement, $1,000 minimum.
Business sales tax and payroll: Per agreement, $1,000 per year minimum, $2,400 is the median
Ongoing business or client services: Per agreement, $400/month minimum, $1,200/month is the median

Reduction of fees

Accounting fees are reduced by the amount of any referral fees.

This estimate of fees is meant only for general planning purposes only. The actual fee will be discussed individually and agreed in writing.

Fees are paid in advance or through an automatic monthly ACH agreement.