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  • Agents of Change

    This is the outline of a recent presentation to a small business group. 1. We live in an exciting timeof discovery and advancement in our relationship with money,The advancements over our lifetimes are amazing. At the time I began studying finance in the early 80s, it was generally believed that fundamental analysis was the way to build fortunes. Facts and data. Cash flow analysis. By the time I finished studying taxation in law school in the 90s, it was widely known that financial structuring and program trading were far more powerful. An example: Today less than 10% of trading is

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  • Nationwide accounting fee shock

    Accountants across the nation are announcing 2023 price increases to clients this week, based on what we read in professional online discussion groups. These rate increases follow recent year increases that often approached 20%. This year the increases are more substantial: typically 20% to 50% according to what some of my peers report online. The increases being discussed by firms as small as sole practitioner bookkeepers to as large as regional CPA firms. The primary driver of price increase appears to be work overload rather than a push to boost income. The majority of new client inquiries I receive say

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