Tier 1: Basic Tax Services at $1,000 or $92/month*

Pre-negotiated written work plan including goals, expected results, timeline, and pricing.

Email updates at least weekly for active projects in the work plan.

Secure message communication, electronic document transfer and storage.

One business day staff response time to all communications during business hours.

Reading of your previously filed tax returns, your self-prepared proposed tax returns, and any tax notices you receive.

Reading and discussion of other documents you submit.

Tax return preparation, electronic filing and ACH payment of any taxes listed in the work plan.

Preparation of a typical individual tax return or review of your self-prepared tax returns.

Listing and video presentation of your most significant tax vulnerabilities.

Listing and video presentation of the most likely ways to reduce your tax liability.

Video presentation of review and discussion of current tax return.

Electronic storage of tax documents with bank level security.

Guaranteed access to upgrade to Tier 2 services after 12 months at this service level.

Minimum requirements: English language proficiency, a personal text number and email address, and the ability to view, scan, transport and electronically sign electronic documents.

Pricing: $1,000 in advance or $87 per month paid via automated monthly ACH or manual payment.

Tier 2: Tax and quarterly progress calls with on demand access at $2,500 or $217/month*

All of the services listed above plus:

Your choice of regular non-secure text message service for document transfer (your own cell phone text messages).

On demand ongoing personal text and phone access to your personal CPA, including access outside of business hours.

Up to four schedule in-person or telephone progress update meetings throughout the year for quarterly tax and financial planning or other issues.

Guaranteed access to upgrade to Tier 3 service level after 12 months at this service level.

Additional requirements: Same as Tier 1 plus demonstrated ability to use discretion with advisor’s personal text and cell contact number outside of business hours.

Pricing: $125 per month additional fee over Tier 1. ($2.,500 total)

Tier 3: Proactive planning and advice with performance benchmarks at $4,200 or $392/month*

All of the service listed above plus:

Proactive research and recommendations with a minimum required expected result of $10,000 tax savings, by design in the work plan, tax and financial plans, and evaluated in periodic progress reports.

Guaranteed access to upgrade to tax controversy representation resolution services in civil and potential criminal matters related the period covered by this service without additional up-front retainer.

Minimum requirements: The requirements for Tier 1 are waived and terms can be individually negotiated.

Pricing: $175 per month additional over Tier 2 ($4,600 total)

*Notes on all tax services and pricing:

The rates listed do not include work related to services like bookkeeping, business accounting, numerous or complicated personal tax transactions, advice, coaching, tax problem resolution, and paper document security and storage.

At this time no service is available for prior years’ tax service without current year tax services.

Pricing is based on a calendar year, guaranteed for the remainder of the current year. You may begin and end at any time. Payments are adjusted accordingly. For example, you join February 2023 under a monthly payment option and want tax service for the past year 2022 and the coming year 2023. The initial payment would be $1,000 for the past year and $87 for January and February for a total of $1,174, then $87 per month for the rest of the year.

The benefits of paying on an automatic monthly payment plan are that: 1) you are assured of service on a timely and will not be blocked out by tax preparer overload, and, 2) it locks in a price for the year ahead.

This tiered plan effectively serves as a guarantee of financing for long term audit services that can otherwise require significant up-front retainer for representation. However, no such assurance can be offered for representation in pre-existing tax and legal liabilities before. The 12 month rule effectively serves as a waiting period to avoid our risk of improperly pricing services on issues.

For prior or existing clients who cannot afford service at current pricing levels, a program to reduce or eliminate tax service fees is available. Ask for details.