Pricing of tax services

In most cases the cost of tax return preparation and filing is included in the regular negotiated fees bundled with other services. However , sometimes tax services are offered outside of a regular service agreement. This list is meant to provide an estimate of individual tax return pricing. Pricing for businesses, estates, and nonprofit organizations are estimated individually.

This rate schedule applies at the time is it published, not for future time periods.

Extension $80
Form 1040 individual tax return series $480
Form 1041 estate tax return $480
Power of Attorney $480
Form 1099-R $55 per account
Form W2 $55 per employer
Schedule A $240+
Schedule C $120-$480 (not including bookkeeping)
Schedule D $120+ ($240 minimum for cryptocurrency)
Schedule E $240+ per property (not including recordkeeping, cost segregation and depreciation reports)
Foreign accounts with FBAR $300+
Prior year review $420 (new clients only)
Ordering IRS transcripts $480
Current year review, multi-year comparison, video and tax planning introduction $240 (all clients)
Amendments $480+
Responding to notices $480

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