Tony Novak serves as controller, accountant, board member, coach or advisor for nonprofit organizations ranging from local neighborhood groups to large national trade associations. His area of expertise, outside of the traditional accounting function, is measuring the effectiveness of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) policies for non-profit clients.

To maximize the value you receive, it is important to first identify and prioritize among these general service categories. It might be useful to use this as a checklist. Pricing and Client Agreement are also online. Then contact us for a free initial consultation.


Traditional services may include:

  • service as controller, either as board member or under finance committee
  • adviser to the board or committee on a specific project
  • executive coaching on strategic
  • best practices in environmental, social and governance policies
  • make an educational presentation live or via webinar
  • prepare financial reports for the board or third parties
  • compile, review or audit financial statements
  • help obtain funding through grant applications, crowdfunding and public fundraising
  • initial business setup, registration and licensing
  • business relocation or expansion into different states that require licensing
  • accounting system setup with online bookkeeping and accounting management tools
  • screening and referral of service providers
  • non-profit federal filing, sales tax filing and other tax filings
  • expense documentation
  • economic recovery grants
  • bookkeeping and accounting services
  • negotiation with a lender
  • 401(k) or pension plan setup
  • employee health plan and employee benefit plans setup
  • researching the best available providers and making introductions when you request a referral
  • solicitation of competitive outside bids
  • communicate and negotiate with third-party service providers
  • review of online security and backup systems
  • review of a proposed business agreement with emphasis on cash flow and tax consequences
  • discussion of health insurance requirements under the Affordable Care Act
  • preparation of “what it” scenarios for management
  • explaining IRS notices and discussing response strategies
  • setup of pension plan and small business retirement plan
  • resolve problems in balancing a checkbook
  • preparation of local, state and federal income tax returns
    payroll services

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