Starting a professional coaching practice?

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Congratulations on your decision to launch a professional coaching practice. You may have a few questions about the mechanics of your new business. We’ve compiled some common questions and would be happy to discuss the options in each.

  • How do I register a business name?
  • Should I get a trademark?
  • Can I receive payments in my new business name?
  • Do I need to register my coaching business with the state? The IRS? Local government?
  • Should I form an LLC?
  • What about a corporation?
  • What’s the difference between a corporation and an LLC?
  • What type of insurance do I need?
  • How do coaches get sued?
  • How do I track income and expenses?
  • What about taxes?
  • Is all my coaching income taxable?
  • What expenses can I deduct?
  • What personal expenses can I deduct?
  • How do I get a business checking account that is separate from my social security number?
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