Support for TurboTax users

You do your own tax returns but just have an occasional tax or financial question?

Take advantage of our low-priced client care plan. It’s just $92 per month and you can start and stop anytime.

Immediate benefits

This plan initially includes:

One business day staff response time to all communications during business hours.

Pre-negotiated written work plan including goals

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, timeline, expected results, and pricing of additional work.

Email updates at least weekly for active projects in the work plan.

Secure message communication, secure electronic document transfer.

Electronic storage of tax documents with bank level security.

Additional benefits available through plan upgrade

Guaranteed ability to upgrade service to include reading of your previously filed tax returns, your self-prepared proposed tax returns, and any tax notices you receive, reading and discussion of other documents you submit, tax return preparation, electronic filing and ACH payment of any taxes listed in the work plan.

Preparation of a typical individual tax return or review of your self-prepared tax returns.

Audit response and representation if we prepared, amended, or reviewed the tax return.

Listing and video presentation of your most significant tax vulnerabilities.

Listing and video presentation of the most likely ways to reduce your tax liability.

Video presentation of review and discussion of your current tax return.

Minimum requirements

English language proficiency, a personal text number and email address, and the ability to view, scan, transport and electronically sign electronic documents.

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