Three ways to save money with Intuit

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Intuit raised prices again, keeping well ahead of overall market inflation. This has been going on for years and isn’t expected to ease up. Intuit is, by far, the largest small business accounting and tax software company in the world. It’s tough to ignore them or not be affected by Intuit’s rising prices policy. There are, however, three clear ways to buck this trend and actually save money. All three involve your accountant, so this is admittedly a self-serving post.

First, if you buy QuickBooks only for basic recordkeeping and tax compliance – rather than managerial purposes – then your accountant has access to a new low-cost version that costs only $10 per month. This is only available through ProAdvisors.

Second, if you need any other type of QuickBooks then your ProAdvisor accountant can buy it at 30% discount and is allowed to pass on that savings if you agree to do so.

Third, if you use TurboTax for business tax returns, it turns out that the average price charged by independent tax pros is less than what Intuit charges to outsource the work. We did not know this until Intuit recently published its prices and they were promote on social media. The $1,749 price for a small business corporate tax return, after the bookkeeping is complete, is more than I usually charge. And their price does not even include the state tax return.

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