What is small business coaching?

We see our most helpful work falling into these four different categories:

1. Financing and Building the Business

  • Business Plan: Update and refine your strategy in a structured format.
  • Cash Flow Management: Plan for current and future cash needs; the #1 reason that small businesses fail!
  • Capital Structure: Evaluate and optimize your legal and financial framework to attract the capital you need.
  • Branding: Develop a strong communications and branding strategy.
  • Marketing: Implement a collaborative marketing approach.
  • Funding: Explore crowdfunding options and strategies.

2. Building Sales and Operations

  • Sales Management: Establish a robust client relationship and sales management system.
  • Accounting Integration: Integrate your accounting system with operations for seamless management.
  • Human Resources: Manage your workforce effectively, including employees and contractors.
  • Internal Controls: Design and test controls to safeguard assets and ensure accurate reporting.
  • Systems Integration: Ensure smooth integration of various software and systems.
  • Social Media: Leverage collaborative strategies for social media engagement.

3. Save Money by Cutting Costs

  • Reduce Overheads: Identify ways to cut accounting and payroll expenses.
  • Insurance Savings: Optimize insurance and workers’ compensation costs.
  • Tax Benefits: Take advantage of tax-free capital gains and income tax strategies.

4. Protect What You’ve Earned

  • Risk Management: Develop a comprehensive risk management strategy.
  • Succession Planning: Plan for management and ownership transitions.
  • Trust Fund Liabilities: Assess and manage trust fund liabilities.
  • Estate Planning: Ensure your estate plan is up-to-date and reflects your current wishes.
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