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  • Labor Day reflection

    New Jersey was one of the first states to recognize Labor Day in 1887. U.S. Congress made it a federal holiday seven years later in 1894 after the majority of states already observed the holiday. The head of a labor union based in New Jersey is given credit for starting the national holiday. Our state’s long progressive history of leading the support for workers rights is one reason I chose to live here. Locally, I am pleased to be among the earlier group of small business employer who supported livable wages, even when this was quite unpopular with our local

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  • Simple NJ estate settlement

    If you have the responsibility to settle a small NJ estate of a deceased relative or close relationship, the odds are that you haven’t performed this task before. The process can be baffling. While leaning on the professional help from an experienced CPA is an ideal solution, not everyone can afford the cost of this help. In this case, it might be necessary to do it yourself. This article is intended to list the basic steps for administering a simple estate in New Jersey assuming that there is no real estate involved and no complications with heirs of creditors. Follow

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  • Service changes for fiscal reporting year 2023

    The recent economic shock felt by many small businesses and their CPAs has pushed small private professional accounting practices like mine to the point of extinction. Yet I am committed to this ‘old fashioned’ high quality business model and estimate that I have about 15 years remaining in my work career to keep this service moving smoothly. So, to cope with these new economic demands, the following changes are adopted effective immediately to serve you better: For all: A no additional cost strategic planning discussion is offered to open discussion on vision, mission, goals, strategies and contingency planning. That’s the area

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