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  • Congratulations on your new nonprofit! What’s next?

    Congratulations on the formation and approval of your nonprofit organization and best wishes for success ahead! However, approval was the easy part. Now the ongoing requirements of managing a nonprofit organization is more demanding. I compiled these observations from watching dozens of new nonprofit organizations throughout the country move from their initial launch through early operational stage. Core concepts in management of a nonprofit organization are highlighted below. This article is meant as a brief introduction of nine next steps you are likely to consider. 1) Basic Governance All nonprofit organizations should have a solid Financial Procedures Policy and a Conflict of Interest

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  • New Jersey real estate tax update

    NJ real estate taxes are among the highest in the nation, and our local South Jersey neighborhoods hold some notorious statistical distinctions in real estate tax levels that I’ve written about in the past. This year the Anchor program replaces the NJ Homestead Benefit program. The new program is significantly different from the old tax relief program. The number of New Jerseyans now eligible for the new Anchor program is three times the number that were eligible for the Homestead Benefit. Although the application process is presumably designed to be straightforward, I already see at least one or two possibly

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  • Labor Day reflection

    New Jersey was one of the first states to recognize Labor Day in 1887. U.S. Congress made it a federal holiday seven years later in 1894 after the majority of states already observed the holiday. The head of a labor union based in New Jersey is given credit for starting the national holiday. Our state’s long progressive history of leading the support for workers rights is one reason I chose to live here. Locally, I am pleased to be among the earlier group of small business employer who supported livable wages, even when this was quite unpopular with our local

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